How to Bet on Football

Football is the clear favorite of sports fan here in the US. Every year more people learn how fun and exciting betting on football can be. Almost all newspapers regularly publish the odds for the football games and now even websites are publishing this information. One reason why people enjoy football betting so much is that it is much more manageable than other sports. Teams only play once a week and the games are broadcast on free tv for everyone to watch along. You don't need to spend time everyday like betting on baseball or basketball.

This also makes it hard to handicap football games since the public has a week to look over injury reports and think about their bets. The betting lines are more accurate in football which makes it harder for you to find the right ones to exploit and win with. Here are some tips that we use in providing our expert football picks to beat the lines:

Look around for the best line for each game. Many games are decided by field goals so spreads for 2, 2.5, 3 or 3.5 are have slightly different but will have a much larger winning percentage.

Don't be influenced by the previous performances. Since the teams have a week off between games they do not carry momentum. Also the injury situation can change dramatically in a week. The exception to this is when football teams are blown out. They generally try extra hard to bounce back from such embarrassing losses.

Not all injuries are the same. Keep an eye out for injuries to skill positions like the quarterback or if there are multiple injuries in one position. For most positions teams have several levels on the depth chart. If a player is injured and has a good backup you may want to bet with the injury as people will be scared an be betting against it.

It is not easy being a winner at picking football games, that is where we can help.